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Frequently asked questions

What does temporary staffing mean?

When you need to temporarily increase the size of your healthcare staff and expand your workforce, temporary medical staffing is the perfect solution! This can be a result of employee absences, census fluctuations, seasonal workloads and special projects. Depending on your facility's need, a temporary assignment can last a day, a week, a month, several months, or perhaps even longer. It can also be the perfect solution to a particularly difficult shift you need to cover regularly. Signature Nurses works as your staffing partner to provide you with who you want, when you want them. Scheduling is our specialty and we work with you to take care of your residents and patients.

Who is the employer of record for a temporary worker? Do you carry insurance on Signature Nurses Employees?

We consider our temporary medical staff to be Signature Nurses employees. Since our nurses and aides are on the Signature Nurses' payroll, Signature Nurses is the employer of record. We are responsible for paying all applicable payroll taxes and maintaining all applicable insurances such as worker's compensation and professional liability.

When I call, will I talk with a recording or a live person?

Signature Nurses makes every attempt to be personally available 24/7 to our clients. However, because it sometimes seems as if every call comes in at exactly the same time, you might get a message asking you to leave a voice mail. Kerry, Mary or Kelli will return your call immediately and work quickly to take care of your staffing needs.

As a Signature Nurses employee, when do I get paid on a temporary assignment?

We provide weekly pay to our employees. You have the option of mailing or faxing your timeslips, and we mail you your check.
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